Art Deco

The term Art Deco originated from an exposition held in Paris in 1925, the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes. The clean, functional and streamlined look of Art Deco furniture, accessories and artwork was influenced by the desire for clean, functional design in a post World War I industrial era. Art Deco furniture designers moved away from the ornate motifs of Art Nouveau, and created pieces with unfussy geometric design and utilized fixtures and finishes that enhanced the natural beauty of rare and exotic woods.

The French developed and refined Art Deco style and much of the Art Deco furniture and accessories at Judy Frankel Antiques comes from France. Judy personally selects each item and looks for distinctive design and excellent craftsmanship. We always have a large inventory of high quality Art Deco furniture, lighting, accessories and mirrors at very attractive prices. Whether you need assistance in pulling together a few Art Deco accessories or furnishing an entire home, our experienced and friendly staff can help.