Felver Framed Black and White Abstract

Item #: 5078
Price: $595.00

Art / Print Details

These are new, framed black and white abstract photography prints by artist Christopher Felver. We currently have three variations available and each is priced and sold individually.

5078 - Open Circle

5078 - Chicken Wire

5078 - Dark Circle

Artist Bio: Even a partial list of photographer/filmmaker Christopher Felver's subjects reads like a toster of America's mid-century avant garde. Photographs of structural elements trarnsformed through his critical eye into lyrical mosiacs. There is a mysterious nature to these images, and when justaposed into a grid system, the division of sace and contrasting tonal values result in a new language, fucntioning almost as an ancient alphabet - agents of a short story. The fascination Christopher finds in the details of otherwise ordinary objects makes us question “What is beauty?” He has managed to marshal in, through time, place and condition, a unique and energetic series of poetic symmetry. His work is collected in libraries and musuems worldwide.

Size: 23.25” high x 18” wide x 1” deep