Giclee Print On Fine Art Paper by Artist David Bailey

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Price: $1095.00

Art / Print Details

This is a new, framed print on fine art paper by artist David Bailey.

Artist Bio:  David Bailey was born and raised in Birmingham, England.  Due to a somewhat tumultuous childhood and home life, his outlet was sports, specifically football (soccer) and rugby.  Initially, Bailey wanted a career in sports, but soon realized that art was his calling.  Fortunately, a teamate on his soccer team, who was studying Art & Design at the local college, suggested to Bailey that he should apply.  Bailey did, and was accepted, marking the beginning of his artistic career in a variety of mediums, including photography, design, ceramics, painting and creative thinking.

Recently, Bailey has imbued his paintings with a sence of positivity and a sense of the momentm coupled with a rhythm of color and form.  "I am always thrilled by the unintended consequences of one color elbowing against another."  Bailey states and he is a big proponent of learning from ones mistakes, as mistakes seem intrinsically lined to progress.  Bailey is still very much enamored of the abstract expressionists and very much enjoys painting and drawing and would put himself in the category of people who do what they love for a living, and for that he is absurdly grateful.

Size:  41.5" high x 41.5" wide x .5" deep