Giclee Abstract Print on Fine Art Paper by Artist Yuko Lau Organics

Item #: 7394
Price: $895.00

Art / Print Details

There are two versions of this new, framed print by Yuko Lau. They are sold and priced separately.

7394A - Print with Three leaves 

7394B - Print with Two Leaves

Artist Bio:  Yuko Lau was born and raised in Japan.  After graduating from Aichi Prefecture University of Fine Arts she moved to the Bay area in 1987 to attend the California College of Arts and Crafts and received a degree in furniture design.  Yuko went on to work as a studio furniture artist for over 10 years and has shown in various galleries and museums throughout the United States.  She has also worked on numerous commissions for private collectors.  Currently Yuko has turned her creativity towards graphic arts.  "My goal is to create a piece of art that people would love to live with.  Recently, I started to work on paper and I still feel the same way about my creations.  I would like my audience to have a smile on their face when they see what I have done."

Size:  32.5" high x 32.5" wide x 1" deep