Colleen Farrell - Sept. 2013

Designer Display

Photo of Colleen Farrell - Sept. 2013 accessory display at Judy Frankel Antiques

To unify this display of diverse antique accessories and furniture, designer Colleen Farrell worked with a classic color scheme and bold sense of scale. Placed back to back, the traditional ebonized English consoles are paired with classic Louis Philippe armchairs.  Colleen positioned these traditional antiques before a long, narrow mid century chromed cabinet and large scale chrome and glass wall sconces. The metallic shine and bold scale of the mid century pieces combined with traditional European antiques creates a fresh, unexpected and very modern look. The natural linen, black and silver metallic color scheme guides the choice of art work as well. The oversized modern botanical prints and bold abstract black and natural graphic piece  balance the large chrome cabinet by drawing the focus up to soothing images of the natural world. The mid century and Art Deco era glass and metal vases, trays, and lamps continue the color scheme and lighten up the black surfaces.