Jane Synnestvedt - Dec. 2013

Designer Display

Photo of Jane Synnestvedt - Dec. 2013 accessory display at Judy Frankel Antiques

Setting a Festive Table

Decorating your table and dining area for a special gathering is a fun and easy way to enhance the celebratory occasion. Designer Jane Synnestvedt shows us how to accessorize a dining table for a special holiday meal. 

Use your most beautiful dishes and stemware

So many of us keep the good china and crystal packed away.  The holiday season is the time to actually use it! Jane sets the table with gilded blue and white porcelain plates.  The Murano stemware has hand blown colorful embellishments.  The beautiful dishes and stemware tells your guests this is a special occasion to be savored.

Add plenty of shimmer and shine

Candles, crystal, silver and gilded dishes reflect and enhance the setting with light and shine.  Dim any overhead lights so that your guests can enjoy the ambiance of reflected candlelight at the table.  Go ahead and mix silver with gold. Jane uses plenty of candles, crystal candle holders, cut glass bowls with gold rims and silver plated flatware to reflect and enhance the lighting

Create a sense of opulence

This is the time to pull out all the stops and take it over the top to create a sense of opulence for your guests. Jane does it here by layering the gilded porcelain plates, stacking tall crystal pedestal plates filled with fruit and displaying large carved statue. The aromatic potted rosemary plant on a nearby table adds another element of sensory opulence.

Vary the height for visual interest

Jane has accessorized the center of the table with candle holders, footed plates and a sculpture with varying heights. These focal points create a sense of richness and variety.  If you don’t have tall serving pieces or vessels, experiment with other items to bring some height and drama to your tablescape.  Jane has added the unconventional elements of sculpture and books, but there are so many possibilities.