Marianne Jones Hauswirth - June 2013

Designer Display

Photo of Marianne Jones Hauswirth - June 2013 accessory display at Judy Frankel Antiques

Arrange Displays in Groups of Three or Odd Numbers

The accessories display created by Marianne Jones Hauswirth for this cabinet utilizes one of the fundamental guidelines designers understand intuitively: organize displays using groups of three or odd numbers.

Essentially, when arranging accessories and objects, keep in mind that groups of three or odd numbers are visually more interesting and impactful than even-numbered pairings. Balance and symmetry is easily achieved using pairs, but a perfectly symmetrical display can be visually static. Good design is visually stimulating and embodies a sense of movement.

Along with arranging accessories into odd numbered groups, establishing a hierarchy within the grouping by using various heights and shapes creates focal points and energy. In Marianne’s display, you can see this principle at work on every shelf. The varying heights and multiple focal points encourage the eye to travel yet the objects are unified by similar elements or style.  The pressed and framed flowers are echoed in the plaster floral baskets, the bone white ceramic pieces tie in with the plaster pieces and alabaster cockatoo bookends. The books with gilded bindings are used throughout and tie in the brass microscopes, framed buttons, and architectural elements.

Displaying accessories related by color, texture or style in odd numbered groups creates a sense of visual harmony.