Judy Frankel Antiques


Can you help me research my antiques and/or determine their worth?

We do not offer antique research or appraisal services. Antique research and appraisals are best performed by certified appraisers and we do not have a professional appraiser on our staff.

I want to sell my antiques – are you buying?

Please do not come to the store with items to sell unless you have an appointment. Although we find the vast majority of our inventory on buying trips to Europe, we occasionally buy from other sources. If you’d like us to consider antiques you are offering for sale, please use the website contact form (LINK) to send a detailed description of your item(s) along with your contact information. After reviewing the description of your antiques, if we’re interested, we’ll contact you to get photos and more information. Due to the overwhelming volume of requests we receive, we cannot respond to inquiries that don’t follow this procedure.

Do you offer consignment?

Occasionally, we offer antiques on consignment. Please follow the guidelines for potential sellers (above) and use the online contact form (LINK) to send a detailed description. If we’re interested, we’ll contact you to set up an appointment.

Do you offer a discount to professional dealers / designers?

Yes we do. To qualify for the discount, you’ll need to register as a dealer/designer and fax or mail us a current copy of your tax identification certificate. Once approved as dealer, your log in will provide access to dealer pricing.

Do you lease antiques for special events or set decoration?

Yes. Contact us for terms and details.

Do you offer on-site consultation services?

Yes we do. Contact us to make an appointment.

Do you offer bridal or gift registry services?

Yes we do. Contact us for details.