A Split Personality: The City Collector and the Country Minimalist

Designer Vignette - April 2011

Combining the opulence of an urban collector with country minimalism, Mark Johnson creates an interior that both soothes and inspires. At the center of the vignette is a foyer with a circa 1825 rosewood centre table and large silver Louis Philippe mirror. 

To the left is the city apartment filled with an ottoman-style table, kilim rug, large colorful Asian oil painting and walls detailed in fretwork. An Arts and Crafts cabinet is filled with Guerin pottery and Verrerie d’Art Lorraine sienna colored vases. While always edited to appeal to the decorative eye, city furnishings should be rich and layered to reflect the curious and eclectic thinking of the city dweller.

To the right of the foyer is an interior inspired by the clarity of country life.  Sparsely furnished with a long, 18th century Swedish bench and Deco leather and wood chair,  with pared down accessories and artwork in neutral tones. This retreat from the hectic pace of urban living quiets the mind while pleasing the senses.